Short term rentals in the months of Covid-19

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So how does one open up their very first blog on short term rentals? I think I will just share some nuggets of what I know. I start this blog in the shadow of the Covid-19 more informally known as the Corona Virus. No doubt this global event has had an enormous impact on short term rentals globally as well as the marketplace corporations whose individual moves are questioned and scrutinized and every next move second guessed. Some hosts are happy with the proactiveness of these companies while others predict gloom and doom ahead for the market makers.

One thing is sure in that the market will change. When economies come back, states re-open for business and countries re-open for business hosts will surely be adjusting to whatever the new normal is, or will be. Some things will get better and some things will get worse but the hosts who can adapt will be likely to stay in business, grow in business and ultimately minimize any losses resulting from this global pandemic.

The first nugget I will share from personal experience, in an effort of keeping things positive is the new guest classifications brought out by the current condition. It is important to realize that although most guests announce the true intentions of their booking, it is not consistently the case. Here are a few that I have experienced, which top the list for me.

First, The Quarantiner!

Guests who reserve for 2 weeks for self-quarantine do so for a couple of reasons. My first Quarantine guest reserved early in the shutdown as he was working out of the country, he did not disclose details, but he did say that his employer required him to self-isolate for 14 days prior to returning home to his family. Although it was a little worrisome to think of a possibly exposed person staying in our short term rental, he did let us know at the end of his stay that he was checking his temperature every day and never exhibited any symptoms or signs of exposure so he was cleared to go back to his family. We did follow the CDC guidelines for wait time and cleaning/disinfecting procedures and our guest thanked us for or hospitality. We have also had Quarantiners who came from large cities to our smaller suburban setting who wanted to work from home, but away from all the big cities had to offer!

Second — the get-awayers!

I have had several guests, reserve short stays from one to three days, just to get-away from their day to day environments. I am sure there are numerous situations where couples want to get a way from their day to day homes, some who may be coming from a crowded home with other adult family members, some meeting up for a date night, but all have been very appreciative that my home provided them a quiet clean getaway and some peace of mind for a day or two. I am fairly sure our comfy cozy look and 4K HD 55 inch TV added to the perks of getting away and having a mini staycation.

Third — Visitors

Well at this point you may say, well visitors are nothing new, that’s who we cater to! I would say yes, that is true, but there are new reasons for visiting. It makes sense that some people from out of town would come to visit elderly family members but choose not to stay with them to keep the distance. I have also had elderly people come to visit their children and grandchildren, but wanted to either keep a safe distance while not visiting or chose not to impose! And after all, when you are trying to distance most of the time, a short term rental provides a comfortable radius of isolation , many cannot obtain in other classifications of lodging.

The reasons people stay at a short-term rental have always been fluid. They change by season, economic patterns as well as current events. We find ourselves in a unique time. Some parts of the country have put a halt on short term rentals, some for good reason in preventing otherwise unallowed gatherings. But we are glad that in Ohio as well as many other states, Short-term rentals have been a key factor to help people cope with the new stresses the current situation has brought about.

What will the re-opening bring?? Stay tuned for the next article where I share the 3 niches of what coronavirus has brought about.

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